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School-Family Relationship

In Montessori we consider collaboration with and participation of families to be paramount. This way we can achieve an expansion and enrichment of educational interactions generating an atmosphere of trust and confidence that positively influences the process of knowledge and development of students.

In Montessori we rely upon direct communication with the parents during arrival and departure of the students. Their tutors and support staff will personally pick the students up at the entrance and bring them away upon departure. Therefore, thestaff is able to communicate any point of interest to the parent to the tutor in a direct and effective way, or vice versa. In addition to daily “mini-sessions” for the parents in the morning and the afternoon every tutor has a telephone (exclusively for everyday communication). Thus, parents can call any time, should they have any further questions or concerns.

Another way to track the daily development of our students is a “daily school journal”. Within the framework of the educational project all data of interest concerning the in-school evolution of every studentis recorded in this journal. This enables the parents to keep track of the project at home and to strengthen their points of interests according to the week and the methodology.

Our psycho-pedagogic Montessori team will set up a special “school for parents” free of charge and exclusively for parents of our students. There topics of general interest and other discussions related to more specific topicswill be addressed under constant guidance by our qualified staff and various partners,. The main purpose of thesegatherings is to resolve possible “issues” and/or help us follow certain guidelines according to different age groups of our students in order to reach greater cooperation both at home and at school.

To reach a greater degree of cooperation and coordination the FAMILY-SCHOOL isset up as a series of activities or workshops in which parents and grandparents can take active part in the educational process of their children during the school year. We believe that education cannot be complete, effective and comprehensive withouta close collaboration with the families of our students.

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