Bilingual Education

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The School

Montessori is a private infant school of a secular kind authorised by the Ministry of Education to teach infants and children between the ages of 0 and 6 years.

Montessori has over 4,000 m2 of gardens and orchards, bioclimatic classrooms, a dining room, a classroom of artistic expression and cinema, a classroom of psychomotricity, separate halls for rest, a sports centre for physical activities and pools for the Summer School. It also has a free public parking lot suited for up to a hundred vehicles

It has all the necessary facilities for an ideal children's centre for your children to socialise and be educated in a proper and safe environment.

Enthusiasm for, love of and respectfor childrenembody the “secret key ingredients”underpin our school conduct. Every day Montessori opens its doors to provide the best services such as environmental influence, exclusive school materials and individualised education performedby teachers and experts in infantile education, native tutors and a specialised psycho-pedagogical team.

One of our mainemphases falls upons securityimplemented through appropriate facilities being wheelchair access, absence of stairs, finger guards for doors, laminate flooring and padded floors in classrooms for the youngest among our students. These measures are complemented by a constant supervision of our students by their teachers and support staff both inside and outside the classroom.

During the ranking of the best Infant Schools of Spain Montessori Children’s School received an award of the Best Children’s School of the province of Alicante award for the second consecutive year, thus remaining in the top four scoring schools of Spain in 2007.


Our History

More than five thousand students have been to the Montessori Children's School of Alicantesince its opening in 1984. However, there emerged a story of various schools that carried the same name over time, more precisely in 1906 owing to a person called Maria Montessori. She was the first Italian female doctor of medicine. Dedicating herself to paediatrics, she devised a system of self-education, the result of which was enormous. This method is currently implemented in its modernised form in many in schools across the globe, like ours, which carry the name "Montessori" in her memory.

One of the most important objectives of our school is to foster the creativity of each and every of our students. To this end, we created specific classrooms psychomotricity and artistic expression and cinema, equipped with all necessary paraphernalia for our students to freely develop their imagination. Workshops such as gardening; sewing; computer sciences; cooking; painting and ceramics make up the educational package offered to the youngest ones.

In Montessori we hold the conviction thata bilingual education is both relevant and consequential for the future of our students, for it is precisely in the early childhood that our students possess the greatest learning ability and ease to gain proficiency in different languages. Undoubtedly, the English language will be of a great advantage for them in their personal, education and professional future.

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