Bilingual Education

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Classroom of Artistic Expression and Cinema

Our theatre serves as one of the best forms of expression, fun and development for our students helping them to improve their language, expand their vocabulary and vocalisation; this reinforces a good socialisation, self-esteem and personal autonomy. Additionally, the hall is equipped with a projector for cinematographic sessions in both Spanish and English, a library, fitted painting easels, and costumes and props for dramatization.

Classroom of Psychomotricity

The main purpose of the classroom is to connect knowledge, emotion and movement in order to facilitate the development of our students, their corporeality, and their ability of self-expression and interaction with the surrounding world.

The classroom is provided with all the necessary materials and refurbished with the aim of achievement of our goals. It includes a large mirror, a foam platform as a ladder, mattresses varying in size, thickness and shape. There are also foam blocks (square and cylindrical), fabrics, scarves, ropes, hoops, balls made of wood, plastic or foam, pool for balls and an educational road safety circuit area, etc.

Every week our students perform several psychomotor sessions some of which include structured circuits while others are carried out in an experimental way with coloured papers, newspapers, boxes and feathers.

Separate Halls for Rest

In order to be able to take part in (develop) a whole working day out students should get enough rest, for night sleep is as important as a midday nap. It is a delicate moment when the child needs a great amount of our affectivity and protection, and an ideal environment in which each student would have their own bed and personalised blanket, relaxing music in the hall, curtains which prevent the light from entering for ensuring the deepest rest. They are always under supervision of their tutors and their support staff.

Organic Gardens

Our methodology is based upon meaningful learning; therefore, we use our creativity, conduct experiments and discover new things; we perform exercises, breathe fresh air and observe the evolution. All these things we do through our organic gardens, which are present in every classroom andevery pavilion of our school.

Our students learn how to prepare the terrain, to maintain it, and to use all the tools they need to take direct part in the production of natural and organic products (lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, endive, etc.). In addition they learn to appreciate the importance of eating fresh, healthy food, grown with the environment in mind.

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